Baby Vanilla is an Australian Brand.

We have always had the dream of helping people in need, this desire became even stronger once our baby was born. It is hard to put in words how we feel when we imagine how challenging it is for parents who are facing problems with their baby’s health. We feel so happy having the opportunity to raise and nourish our son that we just want to give back to the world all the blessings that have happened to us, so, for every purchase we’ll be donating part of the profit to children cancer foundation Australia, our purpose is to help other little angels and their parents. We believe in the positive humans’ values.

Our History 

We are parents of a little boy, he is our highest dream coming true, our little angel the most important thing and the joy of our lives. We have been dreaming about him for so long and God has blessed us. We are sure that you feel the same way about having your little one, right? 

Our mission is to make the journey of parenthood even more beautiful and special with unique, safe and useful products. 

We hope you enjoy our page as much as we do. Everything is done with so much care and love. From Baby Vanilla family to yours!