Best Baby Baths, Tubs and Bath Seats in Australia

When you’re looking forward to meeting your newest family member, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is all the vomit, squashed food and bathroom accidents that will have to be cleaned off your little love. Wash away the stress of bath time with this guide to buying the best baby bath and bath seats in Australia.

From the day your little one comes home with you from the hospital, you’re going to need a reliable method to wash them that’s going to be safe, comfortable, and practical for you and your baby.

A shower simply isn’t safe until your baby can sit up unassisted, because soapy babies are more slippery than a banana peel on ice!

Even once your bub can sit up, a shower is a chaotic space where spray and shampoo can sting baby’s sensitive eyes, and the adult bath presents way too much risk of slipping under water or banging a wriggling baby’s head on the porcelain base.

For the reasons above, we recommend to bathe your baby in an infant tub, the tried-and-true solution that lets you wash your baby safely in a practical contained area.

A baby bathtub with a strong base that stands freely can be placed on the floor or a large strong table, but to save your back, check if the bath you want has a matching bath stand available. Many of them do, and this can make a huge difference to our backs since we spend half our day looking down, hunched over, and reaching down to lift up our heavy little children.

For newborns, you may also want to check if the bath you’re considering has a bath support attachment available, usually to purchase separately. They are not strictly necessary, if you’re prepared to support your baby’s head with one hand and wash with the other, but be warned this can be quite tiring and fiddly.

Newborn inserts free up your hands to let you wash your baby faster without tiring out your arms.

Also, for those parents that already have a bath and don’t want the hassle of storing a tub, a bath seat can be the perfect solution. Bath seats simply sit in your adult tub, keeping little bodies and kicking legs contained while you wash. For added flexibility, these seats are often narrow enough to even allow you to wash your baby on the shower floor without slipping on the tiles.

It’s important to remember that these baths and bath aids are the best and safest available to assist you to wash your baby, but can never be relied on to keep babies safe without your supervision.

The main risks at bath time are scalding from water that’s too hot, and drowning if the baby manages to slip underwater. Although some of these products feature temperature alerts or supports to stop slipping, you must always check the temperature is comfortably warm and never leave a baby unattended near water more than 3cm deep.

With that in mind, let’s dive into our list of the best baby baths and bath seats currently available in Australia, from the most expensive models to the most basic and affordable ones.

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